by Bren Brightwell

Summer Broad Bean Risotto

This is it. This is summer.

Sophie Brightwell, ★★★★★

153 is totally not becoming a food blog, I swear. I'll be back to geekery and JavaScript stuff in due course.


what you do

  1. Heat the oil in a large fying pan or wok
  2. Toast the coriander seeds until they start popping, then crush 'em with the back of your wooden spoon as best you can
  3. Add the onion, hiss spit crackle
  4. Brown the rice
  5. Squeeze in half the lemon juice, make sure it don't get too dry
  6. Gently pour in a third of the stock, and turn the heat down a click or two
  7. When the stock is all drunk up, top it up with the second third and also the beans and nuts and a little salt and pepper if you like
  8. Top up the last of the stock with the herbs and cayenne
  9. Last not least the rest of the lemon juice and its zest

Enjoy late one summer's eve on the balcony with a glass of white and maybe daydream on those halcyon summers of your youth whiling the nights away till september come and it's too late again