by Bren Brightwell

Github releases atom feed

So, I found myself wanting to automate the “shameless plug” stage of releasing open source software. npm doesn’t (yet) have feeds for updates and releases, so that left Github. It’s got feeds for releases of each particular repo, and a firehose of a user’s public activity, but nothing in between. Until now.

Just head over to, plug in your username, and it spits out your Github activity filtered and formatted to just tagged releases.

The second part of the puzzle is the wonderful IFTTT. It consumes the feed, and acts on new items; in my case, posting new releases to Twitter. Check out my recipe, or create your own.

Behind the scenes, it requests your username’s full activity feed, finds items that look like “someone created tag tag at someone/something”, formats them nicely for posting elsewhere, and outputs the filtered feed.

And maybe, just maybe, someone whose name doesn’t begin with “M” and end in “att Brennan” can find it useful.