by Bren Brightwell

egg fried rice that tastes like it

you know, the stuff that costs £1.80 a serving from Dragon Castle on the corner

boil a medium sized kettle


you do

  1. toast the rice with the sesame for a bit in a big flat bottommed pan (you make my rockin world go round) with a lid
  2. crumble the stock, dash the fish sauce and relish and pour over the water. lett it sizzle on high a bit then down to medium. put the lid on
  3. ten minutes later when the rice has eaten all the water take off the lid and move the rice to one side
  4. heat up, and crack the eggs into the side of the pan the rice isn’t
  5. gradually stirr the eggs into the rice as they cook
  6. when ur hungry, season with garlic salt and pepper and eat