About the author

Bren writes too much code. They have over 700 packages on npm, including what is (probably) the one-millionth-published package. If they have a problem it’s only a matter of time until they write an app to fix it.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by your command line build tools, probably so has Bren. So they do that for other people’s sake at the Financial Times in the FT.com Enabling Technologies Group, which is a terrible team name that doesn’t mean anything and needs changing, sorry. They also work on tools like Nori, to help FT.com manage its ~300 repositories and keep them consistent. Previously they worked as a frontend developer on the award-winning FT App, and before that a couple of startups that aren’t worth mentioning.

When they’re not programming at work, they’re usually programming at home, writing apps to fix their own problems. They run & play Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs, build custom keyboards & other peripherals, make fuzzy electronic music on their iPad, rock climb, snowboard & make pizza.