by Matt Brennan


Welp, that’s twice in a week it’s rained for exactly 15 minutes, starting as soon as I get on my bike and ending when I get off.

Don’t cycle in the rain, kids.

  1. You get wet.
  2. Really wet.
  3. You can’t see.
  4. No-one can see you.
  5. Your brakes hardly work.
  6. Your bell doesn’t work.
  7. It’s cold.
  8. It’s dark.
  9. You get wet.
  10. You’re the only one with a mudguard, so you get sprayed anyway.
  11. Umbrellas.

I’m just going to sit here and steam slightly.

by Matt Brennan

Quick recipe: Burger sauce

10:5:1 mayo:ketchup:mustard, add something punchy like Tabasco or Henderson’s Relish or lemon juice or capers and maybe some honey.

by Matt Brennan

Changing Alfred's hat

Love Alfred but not the hat icon? Simply replace /Applications/ Framework.framework/Resources/alfredhat.png and it’s done. Don’t even need to restart it. Enjoy!

Icon from Elementary by Daniel Foré.

by Matt Brennan

Livewire 0.4

Livewire is 0.4. It’s been bitten by a radioactive unicorn and has all kinds of new Fantasy Land-begotten superpowers.

route (-> not-found '404'), [
	get '/' -> ok 'hello world'
	post '/user/:id' (req)->
		{id} = req.params
		params <- flat-map body.query req
		<- flat-map dev-result do ->
			user <- flat-map User.find-by-id id
			user.update params{name, email}
		redirect "/user/#id"
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by Matt Brennan

Making change

How do we make money into change?

It’s nice to know what’s the biggest coint fits in an amount.

fit = (coins, amt)-->
	maximum filter (<= amt), coins
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by Matt Brennan

Moving Home

What do you hear, Starbuck?

153 has moved. 153 has a new look. 153 is probably broken.

by Matt Brennan

Delicious Burning Death

Ow. Ow, my tongue. Where's the milk? Ow.

Matt Brennan, ★★★★★

So I made some hot sauce. It is potent. I can't wait to try too much of it on tacos.

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by Matt Brennan


tl;dr node's streams are horrible and I hate them.

EDIT: save yourself the trouble of using them, I've written Pirandello

I've been trying to shoehorn some algebra and category theory into node.js's streams. I figured I'd see how much of a fantasy land I could make them think they were in.

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by Matt Brennan

Summer Broad Bean Risotto

This is it. This is summer.

Sophie Brightwell, ★★★★★

153 is totally not becoming a food blog, I swear. I'll be back to geekery and JavaScript stuff in due course.

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by Matt Brennan

Four steps to portable development nirvana

  1. HP Touchpad running CyanogenMod 9
  2. HP Bluetooth Keyboard for Touchpad
  3. A dirt cheap VPS
  4. JuiceSSH

by Matt Brennan

The Fish Curry I Made Up Last Tuesday

The best homemade curry I've ever tasted.

Sophie Brightwell, ★★★★★ Pungent, sweet and smoky like the best of them. Read more…
by Matt Brennan

Yay Productivity Taken With Instagram

Yay productivity. (Taken with Instagram)

by Matt Brennan

You Know Whats Better Than Programming

You know what's better than programming? Programming outdoors. (Taken with instagram)